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  2. Jbombz

    Non-whitelisted job bugs

    Thanks Cheggy, we will look into it.
  3. Cheggy

    Reworking the drugs scripts

    Addition to this: We could put a timer on processing, to enhance the RP. Basically this forces people to RP. Imagine, having to gather resources for processing. You gather them, send them to processing and processing takes 1 hour to do so (you leave it at an NPC or building or whatever). After this you can pick it up and can sell the stuff that has been processed. This gives you a timegap of 1 hour, where you can not do drugs or anything and you STILL passively make money as your drugs is being processed. Afterwards you pick it up and let's say you make 25k of dirty money on it. Then the selling part would still be cool to do that with NPCS. And rinse and repeat. I believe this would enhance RP for everybody, cops and criminals. As they both have involvement on it. Also, this prevents farming and people will actually try doing their jobs.
  4. Cheggy

    Non-whitelisted job bugs

    Steam name: Cheggy Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy Date you encountered the bug: We've been testing around today What were you doing when you encountered the bug: Trying out jobs at the job center Is the bug repeatable: Si If so, please describe step by step: So me and a friend went on to test some of the jobs. And encountered the following issues: Butcher -Not clear where to go, there are no Job instructions. Also couldn't find anything on the map to start the job. Lumberjack -Can only carry 20 wood (this might be intended) -After gathering the wood, there is no instruction on where to process it. So you're stuck with wood and can't do anything with it. Truck Driver -The phantom truck when spawned starts bouncing like crazy, never ending. Mostly destroys truck and costs 1500. Salvage -Not clear where to go, there are no job instructions. Also couldn't find anything on the map to dive / salvage anywhere. URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): Any additional information: I'm not sure if any other jobs are buggy, they seemed ok further on.
  5. Jbombz

    Text Animation's List

    Here is a the full list of the server's text Animations. List of Commands – Salute: /e salute : Salute your commrads! – Bird 1: /e finger : One hand middle Finger – Bird 2: /e finger2 : 2 hands middle finger – Surrender: /e surrender : Kneeldown hands behind head surrender – Facepalm: /e palm : Facepalm – Notes: /e notes : Write down notes on paper – Brief: /e brief : Equip a tactical brief case – Brief2: /e brief2 : Equip a leather brief case – Foldarms: /e foldarms : Cross your arms – Foldarms2: /e foldarms2 : Cross arms v2 – Damn: /e damn : Throw your arms in disbelief – Fail: /e fail : Become visibly dissapointed – Gang1: /e gang1 : Gang sign 1 – Gang2: /e gang2 : Gang sign 2 – No: /e no : Shake your head no – Pickbutt: /e pickbutt : Pick your butt – Grab Crotch: /e grabcrotch : Grab your crotch – Peace: /e peace : Hold peace sign – Cigar: /e cigar : Place cigar in your mouth – Cigar2: /e cigar2 : Place a burnt cigar in your mouth – Joint: /e joint : Place a joint in your mouth – Cig: /e cig : Place a cig in your mouth – Holdcigar: /e holdcigar : Hold a cigar in your hand – Holdcig: /e holdcig : Hold a cig in your hand – Holdjoint: /e holdjoint : Hold a joint in your hand – Dead: /e dead : Play dead – Holster: /e holster : Hand hovers over holster – Aim: /e aim : Aim a pistol at the floor – Aim2: /e aim2 : Aim a pistol up to your shoulder – Umbrella: /e umbrella : Use an umbrella – Guard: /e guard : Enter a security/guard pose – Callphone: /e callphone : Enter a phone call animation – /e slowclap : Slowly clap your hands – /e box : Pull out a box and walk around with it – /e cheer : Cheer – /e bum : Lay on the ground like a bum – /e leanwall : Lean against a wall – /e copcrowd1 : Calm down a crowd like a cop – /e copcrowd2 : Control a scene like a cop – /e copidle : idle like a cop Press U for police radio animation Press H to put your hands up
  6. So this is going to be a bit long, but overall I think will help with a smooth RP interactions. Some have been mentioned before but consider this a full breakdown of my improvements. I will provide examples, even though some are for different databases note I am just showing them as a reference point. 1. Add the use of emotes via text through commands such as /e dance, /e smoke, /e medic, /e lean, etc. This is much easier and quicker than going through the menu. Plus it will allow use of variations to be added such as /e dance1, /e dance2, /e dance3, etc. Example: https://forum.fivem.net/t/trundles-roleplay-animations-updated-10-26/171735 2. Use of commands such as /mask, /hat, /glasses. Being able to remove your mask and other accessories could give good hiding techniques for escaping convicts plus fun to RP with. (such s removing sunglasses at night, or taking off your hat when a lady is present, etc) Example: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-updated-12-19-simple-hat-sunglasses-command-for-police-peds/47357 3. New phone UI, and I know this is no easy change and not really just available, but there is a lot that is frustrating with the current phone UI. First its the generic and most simplistic of all phone UIs. The contacts carries across all characters and I want to be able to label one character on my surfer dude as "Miss Jade" while on another "Crazy Bitch" etc. I need them to be separate, plus I don't want a contact for one that I haven't even met yet. Next and really more importantly I would like a phone calling system, be so much easier than texting. Though to piggyback off of that, the text messages are a royal pain. This has been done on a few servers I've played where the texts are actually grouped by contact, and you can see the full history with that character. (pretty much how our real life phones look when texting). That would be super ideal so we can actually look at previous conversations and they are saved when we relog so we can recap or even receieve texts that were sent while our characters were offline. Example: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-alphone-call-system/75874 (This example also has a feature to use tweets as a popup notification and viewable via phone instead of text... so much more engaging and realistic, plus you can look at multiple at once. 4. The use of /911 and /311 for civilians to contact the police force AND EMS. As of now when I text using the app.. I honestly feel like it falls to dead ears. It is kinda frustrating, especially since I was robbed on my EMS when so many cops were online. Just sayin'.. Example: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-rp-commands/77489 5. Use of the arrows keys on your keyboard for car functions. Left for left blinker, right for right blinker, up for all windows up, and down for all windows down. 6. Debit/credit system so you don't have to carry large amounts of cash around. such as using /paydebit and /paycredit to switch between cash on hand, and cash in your bank account. There are a few smaller ones, but these are the ones I think are the most important to me and my overall RP experience.
  7. So at the local clothing store, it is not possible to buy masks. Which does make sense, if I want to buy a mask in real life, I don't see myself going to a regular clothing store. But at the moment, we can only buy Helmets and maybe a few more things that conceal our faces. While masks do the job completely. Also, when in a car the helmet gets unequipped (as soon as you get out you do equip it again), while a mask stays on. So I was thinking if the location at Vespucci Beach (the mask shop) could be used as a spot to buy your masks. Screenshots of the location: https://gyazo.com/04507867d38e698541b1fc42172f01cb https://gyazo.com/02888dfaf92fc6137d063af6b44afb4d
  8. I will look into this, if it is possible I will recommend it to the dev team.
  9. Jbombz

    Reworking the drugs scripts

    This is a good idea, i know that this is something capable of doing so I will take it up with the Dev team.
  10. Jbombz

    Used cars

    I like this Idea I will take up the chain and see what our Dev team thinks.
  11. Jbombz

    Staff Applicant Cayla

    Dear Ms. Cayla Thank you for your interest in becoming a Staff Member. Upon review and discussion with the staff members of ALRP, we have come to a unanimous decision that your application for a staff position is currently PENDING as of 04/11/2019. As a member of the ALRP community is it vital to make the best of your RP experience starting with appearance expanding to role playing situations with other community members, this responsibility as a staff member doubles due to the position held within the community. Please show an effort to make an appearance around the community and get to know others as they will you. During your wait for a decision we recommend that you read of and familiarize yourself with the ALRP server rules as it will be part of your duty and responsibility to maintain the integrity of our server by enforcing these rules. Sincerely, JBombz
  12. Jbombz

    Rhino tanks can be stolen

    Thanks CHeggy we will add this with the helicopter bug and figure a way to fix both of them ASAP.
  13. Jbombz

    Helicopter spawns land in La Puerta

    Thank you Cheggy we will put our Dev team on this ASAP
  14. Jbombz

    LSD can be easily abused

    Thanks Cheggy for making this bug known. Our Dev team will put this on the list.
  15. Jbombz

    Server restarts wipes some things

    Thank you again Cheggy for this bug report, we are currently aware of this bug and our Dev team is currently trying to fix this bug.
  16. Jbombz

    Landing gear bug

    Thank you for the heads up Cheggy, I will ask our dev team to take a look a this bug.
  17. Edit option went poof. So here is the screenshot I promised: https://gyazo.com/eb3b67edf575fba8dfb3cb7477a06ec3
  18. Make it so drugs has to be sold to NPC’s to avoid abusing of scripts. Possibly less bags to be made but they make more money. And NPC’s could call the cops. Generally, you gather drugs, process it and then sell it. Well with gathering and processing there are still some flaws at the moment. But maybe this could be solved in a simple matter. Gathering and processing should be different with every type of drug. But with LSD, maybe cap how much you can have in your bags to avoid the processing abuse with 2 players. Also, a time limit could be applied to this. Then when the drugs is processed, you could make it so some kind of drugs or just every kind of drug has to be sold to an NPC by tapping "E" when near them. The NPC could act accordingly: -Buys the drugs -Is not interested -Calls the cops Obviously, the selling would be more difficult this way. So the reward for selling should be increased. If the cops are called, the cops can receive a ping with "Drugs activity" This also makes it more interactive for cops, as they will be more involved in stopping drugs activity.
  19. A menu or command that allows you to equip / unequip your hat / mask / glasses If commands were to be used, for hat on or off it could be: /h0 (hat off) /h1 (hat on) /g0 (glasses off) /g1 (glasses on) /m0 (mask off) /m1 (mask on) In case of a menu, I believe an example with a screenshot would explain this more easily. I will add this later on by editing the post. Basically, open a menu with any button and it gives the options: -Hat -Glasses -Mask When these options are tapped it will enable/disable the accessory on your player model.
  20. Cheggy

    Used cars

    For in the future it might be cool to add the below: -Players can sell their cars to other players (I know this is being worked on) -For players to buy cars off other players, there is a parking lot where used cars are displayed. -When players are offline the cars will stay displayed at the used car parking lot, so everyone gets a chance to check the car out and possibly buy it.
  21. Bug Report Steam name: Cheggy Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy Date you encountered the bug: About 4-5 days ago What were you doing when you encountered the bug: Rolling around when I saw a helicopter landing Is the bug repeatable: Yes If so, please describe step by step: Still some NPC helicopters land at the boat docks in La Puerta. I managed to steal 2 of them in a timespan of I think 15 minutes? URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): Sorry... I forgot to take a screenshot of this Any additional information: None
  22. Cheggy

    Rhino tanks can be stolen

    Bug Report Steam name: Cheggy Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy Date you encountered the bug: Not sure, I believe 2-3 days ago What were you doing when you encountered the bug: Checking if I could steal a tank at the military base Is the bug repeatable: Yes, they are very easy to steal If so, please describe step by step: Tanks can be stolen from the military base, they are not locked even when there is no personnel in it (and they can easily be stolen when there is personnel in it as well). URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): https://gyazo.com/780ff2522099902d322d4baf9d22c082 Any additional information: none
  23. Bug Report Steam name: Cheggy Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy Date you encountered the bug: 04/10/2019 What were you doing when you encountered the bug: Chilling in the server Is the bug repeatable: It happens every time the server restarts If so, please describe step by step: When the server restarts, trunks of cars get emptied. I tested this by putting 10k of dirty money in my car. I slept a night without the server restarting and the dirty money was still there. I left it there to see what happens when the server restarts, server restarted and it was not in the trunk anymore. The same goes for tattoos on characters, I noticed other people saying it as well and I asked some other people if their tattoos dissapeared after the server restart. They did with all of us. It's not the biggest issue, as tattoos aren't very expensive. It's more annoying. URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): Self explanitory Any additional information: None
  24. Cheggy

    LSD can be easily abused

    Bug Report Steam name: Cheggy Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy Date you encountered the bug: I believe 04/09/2019 but I'm not entirely sure What were you doing when you encountered the bug: The 3 steps for LSD - Gathering, Processing and selling Is the bug repeatable: Yes very much If so, please describe step by step: Going in/out the circle and spamming E speeds up the process massively. This works for all processes within creating LSD / processing and selling. Also, when you are with 2 people on the LSD processing spot, person 1 can keep processing bags and handing them to person 2. There is no limit to the amounts you can give away. So person 2 can be stacked up with unlimited amount of bags. URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): https://gyazo.com/26b6c3e1eb4ae0809af2865d6314fa34 Any additional information: None
  25. Cheggy

    Landing gear bug

    Bug Report Steam name: Cheggy Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy Date you encountered the bug: I believe 04/09/2019 or around that date What were you doing when you encountered the bug: Flying a plane Is the bug repeatable: Yes If so, please describe step by step: Plane / helicopters: if the wheels or landing gear is tucked in, it gets bugged and it won't be able to be pulled out anymore URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): Self explanitory Any additional information: I tested this with the DoDo and a friend of mine tested it with a helicopter that could have the landig gear retracted. Not entirely sure which helicopter. It always seems to happen, as soon as landing gear is pulled in, you won't be able to get it out. That sounded more serious in my head before I actually wrote it..
  26. cayla

    Staff Applicant Cayla

    Steam name: cayked Discord name: cayla#1897 In game name: I have two characters so far - Shyla Wolf and Dani Glover Age: 30 How long have you been playing on ALRP: 3 Days in game, but in the Discord community for a week. How active are you on ALRP: I have been active every night so far and have been loving it. I am hoping to help make the server even more active. How well do you handle stress (1-10): 8 Why do you want to apply for staff: I really feel like I could help the server become more active, promote it more, and help new people understand the server rules. I am very willing to help out newcomers to the server and make them feel welcome when they first arrive, but am willing to act upon any negative situations in a professional way. I think I have some good ideas I could add to the server, and continually try to find bugs to report. I currently work as an Art Director for a graphic design firm, so I may be able to extend my help in anything to do with graphics or artwork. ( I'd really love to get to know everyone within the staff first 😉 ) Tell us a bit about you: Hullo! I'm Cayla! I am a full-time graphic/web designer and mom living in Wisconsin! I also enjoy listening to & playing music, drawing digital & traditional art, crochet (plushies), and spending time with my 3 fur babies. I have also been streaming on Twitch for a little over a year now (mostly creative - but now diving into more gaming). I have played video games since I was a young child with the NES, and began text-based roleplay when I was a young teen, which eventually expanded into Ark, Conan, and now GTAV. What sets you apart from other applicants: I feel like I could have a lot to offer. Between my experience as an Art Director, graphic/web designer, knowledge of the marketing world, and my easy-going personality, I think I could add something? I would love to help create a community that we all love by sticking to the rules of the server and making sure others are following them, to create a fun environment for everyone. I am open most nights of the week to help in any way I am able, and am willing to learn new things. Any additional information: I think I touched base on everything you would need to know about me! If you'd like to learn more, please don't hesitate to ask!
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