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Staff Applicant Cayla

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Steam name:  cayked

Discord name:  cayla#1897

In game name:  I have two characters so far - Shyla Wolf and Dani Glover

Age:  30

How long have you been playing on ALRP:  3 Days in game, but in the Discord community for a week.

How active are you on ALRP:  I have been active every night so far and have been loving it. I am hoping to help make the server even more active.

How well do you handle stress (1-10):  8

Why do you want to apply for staff:  I really feel like I could help the server become more active, promote it more, and help new people understand the server rules. I am very willing to help out newcomers to the server and make them feel welcome when they first arrive, but am willing to act upon any negative situations in a professional way. I think I have some good ideas I could add to the server, and continually try to find bugs to report. I currently work as an Art Director for a graphic design firm, so I may be able to extend my help in anything to do with graphics or artwork.
( I'd really love to get to know everyone within the staff first 😉 )

Tell us a bit about you:  Hullo! I'm Cayla! I am a full-time graphic/web designer and mom living in Wisconsin! I also enjoy listening to & playing music, drawing digital & traditional art, crochet (plushies), and spending time with my 3 fur babies. I have also been streaming on Twitch for a little over a year now (mostly creative - but now diving into more gaming). I have played video games since I was a young child with the NES, and began text-based roleplay when I was a young teen, which eventually expanded into Ark, Conan, and now GTAV. 

What sets you apart from other applicants:  I feel like I could have a lot to offer. Between my experience as an Art Director, graphic/web designer, knowledge of the marketing world, and my easy-going personality, I think I could add something? I would love to help create a community that we all love by sticking to the rules of the server and making sure others are following them, to create a fun environment for everyone. I am open most nights of the week to help in any way I am able, and am willing to learn new things. 

Any additional information: I think I touched base on everything you would need to know about me! If you'd like to learn more, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Dear Ms. Cayla 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Staff Member.

Upon review and discussion with the staff members of ALRP, we have come to a unanimous decision that your application for a staff position is currently PENDING as of 04/11/2019.

As a member of the ALRP community is it vital to make the best of your RP experience starting with appearance expanding to role playing situations with other community members, this responsibility as a staff member doubles due to the position held within the community.

Please show an effort to make an appearance around the community and get to know others as they will you. 

During your wait for a decision we recommend that you read of and familiarize yourself with the ALRP server rules as it will be part of your duty and responsibility to maintain the integrity of our server by enforcing these rules.


Sincerely, JBombz

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