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Reworking the drugs scripts

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Make it so drugs has to be sold to NPC’s to avoid abusing of scripts. Possibly less bags to be made but they make more money. And NPC’s could call the cops.

Generally, you gather drugs, process it and then sell it. Well with gathering and processing there are still some flaws at the moment. But maybe this could be solved in a simple matter. Gathering and processing should be different with every type of drug. But with LSD, maybe cap how much you can have in your bags to avoid the processing abuse with 2 players. Also, a time limit could be applied to this.

Then when the drugs is processed, you could make it so some kind of drugs or just every kind of drug has to be sold to an NPC by tapping "E" when near them. The NPC could act accordingly:
-Buys the drugs
-Is not interested
-Calls the cops

Obviously, the selling would be more difficult this way. So the reward for selling should be increased.
If the cops are called, the cops can receive a ping with "Drugs activity"

This also makes it more interactive for cops, as they will be more involved in stopping drugs activity.

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This is a good idea, i know that this is something capable of doing so I will take it up with the Dev team.

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Posted (edited)

Addition to this:
We could put a timer on processing, to enhance the RP. Basically this forces people to RP.


Imagine, having to gather resources for processing. You gather them, send them to processing and processing takes 1 hour to do so (you leave it at an NPC or building or whatever). After this you can pick it up and can sell the stuff that has been processed. This gives you a timegap of 1 hour, where you can not do drugs or anything and you STILL passively make money as your drugs is being processed. Afterwards you pick it up and let's say you make 25k of dirty money on it. Then the selling part would still be cool to do that with NPCS. And rinse and repeat. I believe this would enhance RP for everybody, cops and criminals. As they both have involvement on it.

Also, this prevents farming and people will actually try doing their jobs.

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