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Non-whitelisted job bugs

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Steam name: Cheggy

Discord name(so we can contact you for further information): Cheggy

Date you encountered the bug: We've been testing around today

What were you doing when you encountered the bug: Trying out jobs at the job center

Is the bug repeatable: Si

If so, please describe step by step: So me and a friend went on to test some of the jobs. And encountered the following issues:

-Not clear where to go, there are no Job instructions. Also couldn't find anything on the map to start the job.

-Can only carry 20 wood (this might be intended)
-After gathering the wood, there is no instruction on where to process it. So you're stuck with wood and can't do anything with it.

Truck Driver
-The phantom truck when spawned starts bouncing like crazy, never ending. Mostly destroys truck and costs 1500.

-Not clear where to go, there are no job instructions. Also couldn't find anything on the map to dive / salvage anywhere.

URLS (photos or videos are extremely helpful): 

Any additional information: I'm not sure if any other jobs are buggy, they seemed ok further on.

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